Your machine can’t read articles on self-care, but you can!

If your machine could talk it would say “could you go to the Juiced Rite website and look up that thing on how to change my oil, pleeease.” No, it wouldn’t – but it would be cool, right?

All the resources are here for you to shower your press with the love and attention that it’s longing for. You’ll find tutorials, maintenance schedules and even simple service instructions so you can get down and DIY-dirty and service your juice bestie yourself.

Options at Your Fingertips

We help businesses how they want to be helped. Do you like videos? We have videos! Prefer to read articles? We have them too. All our machine and maintenance resources are right here for you.

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Video Walk-Throughs

Setup Videos

Get to know your machine with these videos. You’re about to make delicious juice together. The videos give you a rundown on the main features and how they operate. We’ll show you how to set up your machine right for that first press.

In all seriousness, you and your press are going to be working closely together for a long time. It’s worth taking the time to understand how to operate and maintain your machine.

Setting up Your Machine — Let's Press!

Get started juicing with your new machine quick and easy!

Getting to Know Your Machine
All the highlights of our amazing machines.

We have heaps of really fun videos on maintenance for your press. Stuff that is going to really help you and your machine be in sync and juicing together for years to come.

(Okay, it’s not as interesting as that video going around where you have to guess the color of the playdough in the ping pong ball, but our videos are useful at least.)

Weekly Maintenance Steps
Washdown 101
Blade Replacement
Blade Holder + Hub Installation

Service Tutorials

Routine Part Replacement

Fun fact – our skin cells completely replace themselves every two to three weeks. If only our juice presses were self-regenerating. But they aren’t. Fortunately switching out the parts on your press is super easy. As you can see in these tutorials…

Cleaning Instructions

Your press can’t sanitize its hands before it handles the produce, or take a shower after work. It needs a little help. Here are all the tips and tricks for keeping your machine clean and your juice pure.

Machine Maintenance

All the weekly, monthly, semi-annual tasks you need to keep your machine in good condition and extend its operational life. Your machine will thank you for it (but silently).

Service & Technical Issues

We do everything we can to keep you up and running without having to stop production and call a technician. But if there are technical issues then this is where you look for the help you need.

(These articles describe how you can help yourself, so technically it’s not technical help.)

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Additional Resources


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