Maybe bigger than Niagara Falls...

... Grab your raincoat anyway!

Ideal For
150-300 Gal. (560-1130 L)
per Hour
Too Large To Fit
Thru The Door
Special Use
Nut Milk
Ginger + Turmeric

This is a really, really, REALLY big machine for large scale juice and cider production. (not for newbies)

This one’s so huge that it needs it’s own separate shredder and delivery system from the actual press, and has 8 separate press bags. When you have an M800 – you have a PRESS.

The M800 has some great extra features for large scale production. It can run continuously for 24 hours with motor overload protection and has a touchscreen operation panel full of custom programs. Our favorite is the auto cake dump. Much faster than removing each cake yourself!

We only build these machines to order. This gives us a chance to customize the configuration. We want to make sure your machine suits what your business needs, and slots right into your current production line.

Specs + Features of the
Cold Press Juice Machine


  • 150-300 Gal. (560-1130 L) per Hour
  • Up to 3200 Bottles (12oz) per Hour
  • Up to 3228 Bottles (350ml) per Hour
Watermelon with a cut for a smile wearing sunglasses on a background made of alternating pink and white concentric circles
Pineapple with a cut for a smile wearing sunglasses on a background made of alternating yellow and white starburst pattern


  • 220V Single Phase Power

    (adaptable plug option)
  • 3 HP Motor


  • Overall Dimensions:

    30in (77cm) W x 49in (125cm) L x 69in (176cm) H
  • Base Footprint:

    28in (71cm) W x 31in (79cm) L x 63in (160cm) H
  • Net Weight: 535lb (243kg)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
This Machine is About 9 Carrots Tall

The right machine has these benefits

Juiced Rite Machine Standards

Our free-standing machines include the following awesome features to help make your juicing experience even that much more awesome*.

Press Pulse Program

Our Press Pulse Program™ eliminates the extra work to get more juice yield - no need to wait to push buttons or stir to get more juice. Call us to learn more, and we can nerd out on all the fabulous science together (it's so fun).

Ultimate Speed Control

Have supreme control with the ability to customize your speed for shredding and pressing. Produce with higher water content may benefit from a slower press to increase yield, and with speed control, you have the power to test that.

Accessories for Everyone!

Each machine comes with all the things you need to start juicing right out of the box (or shrink wrap!) - a full set of press bags, three blade for varying produce, press boards, and a shredder skirt to minimize the mess (juicing will always be messy but we can help make it a little less!).

Safety Comes First

Our machines have integrated safety locks on our shredder system and emergency stops that automatically shut down and open the machine when disconnected or pressed. We've also included safety guarding where possible and each danger zone is clearly labeled.

Electrical Modifiability

All Juiced Rite machines are built in the US with standard electrical options, but are easily adaptable to any regional specifications. To see specific electrical standards for each machine, check out our downloadable comparison sheet.

100% Washdown

Our machines are made of stainless steel and are 100% washdown ready. We choose a high-quality electropolish so you can rest assured your machine is easy to clean, stays clean longer, and creates incredibly safe and high quality juice.

Owner Empowerment

Buying Juiced Rite means buying the power to keep your business running. Our extensive resource library and follow-along service tutorials will walk you through what you need to repair and maintain your machine. Still need help? Our excellent Service line will be right there to keep things moving!

*Not all of these standards apply to the CM25 or the M800 due to their already special capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no onboard shredding system for this machine. The M800 is a very large machine with just the press zones- large press for large juice production! 

Due to this, we work with you to establish a proper flow with your FREESTANDING shredder and conveyance system. They are not connected, but they do operate together. 

Call our sales department, the best place to start with ANY M800 inquiry, and we walk you through what you need and the best way to set up your production system!

Sales Department
909.464.8253 ext 1

Did you watch the video above? The M800 is a beast of productivity and has no time to wait for manual emptying of each bag. The current design has an automatic dump function that speeds up your process and has you ready for your next press cycle in no time.

Well, aside from its abilty to produce a gabillion* gallons of juice in an hour (*depends greatly on produce), which is roughly 8 times the production capacity of our M100, the M800 has several technical advances.

No, it’s not a robot, but it does do lots of stuff automagically.

You can control the entire operation with a digital touchscreen, which is pretty cool. The auto cake dump feature also speeds up production. The accompanying equipment, the shredder and conveyance system, can also be arranged specific to your production process. It’s a big machine, and you can make a LOT of juice with it. Really, that’s pretty cool. (Side note: This is NOT a starter machine, in case you missed that)

Your yield will depend on if you are juicing your produce separately or together as a mix. If you want to get the most from a specific item you may find that having a separate press exclusively for that juice means you can adjust the shredder and press to suit that juice without losing time from cleaning and changing over the produce.









Which machine is right for you?

From the modest juicer who likes long walks on the beach to the industrial powerhouse who raves all night, we’ve got the juicer for you. 

Ready to find your cold press love connection?
I believe in love at first sight!

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