HDPE Blade Holders With an Orange Background

Even though this is a “How To Install” article, we will be starting with the uninstalling, since your machine arrived with your blade holder and hub already installed. This is where you would start for your regular cleaning also.

So when you start with uninstalling (assuming your chute has been removed, of course), you’ll be looking at something like this:

Parts + Tools

The parts we’ll be covering in this article are the blade holder, which is made of HDPE for all our newer machines, and the hub, which holds the blade holder and blade onto the machine (see image below).

The tools you will need are a standard Allen wrench set and a T handle Allen wrench set, both also referred to as hex key sets as well (see image below). You have these tools available in your toolkit that came with your Juiced Rite machine.

Hub, Blade Holder, Standard and T Allen Wrenches
Hub, Blade Holder, Standard and T Allen Wrenches

NOTE: The blade holder and hub are inside the shredder housing. In order to get to them, you will need to remove your chute and blade. Find your blade removal instructions here.

(Un)Install the Blade Holder 

To remove the blade holder, simply thread your fingers into the triangular holes, grip the blade holder in the center and pull towards you. In the beginning, it will be snug but will loosen over time.

To replace the blade holder, simply align the oblong center shape with that of the hub and press the blade holder back onto the hub. (Look Ma- no screws!)

(Un)Install the Hub 

Once the blade holder has been removed, you can now see the hub (hooray!). There are a couple set screws on the outside of the hub, just turn the hub until you see them (see image below). These two side set screws secure the hub to the key stock of the motor.

To remove the hub, loosen the two side set screws but don’t remove them (they will release from the key stock at about halfway). Then you just pull the hub off the key stock.

Loosen the Two Set Screws to Remove the Hub

To replace the hub, note where the key stock “key” is. This key looks like a tab that protrudes from the stock (see image below).

Motor Stock with Key, Located Inside Shredder Housing (It's what your blade attaches to!)
Motor Stock with Key, Located Inside Shredder Housing

At the base of the hub (the larger end with the larger hole, see image below), align the notch on the hole with the key stock key and push the hub onto the stock. Tighten the set screws on the side to secure it to the stock and keep the hub in place, unless you want to adjust the hub.

Larger End of Hub Hole with Notch for the Key Stock
Larger End of Hub Hole with Notch for the Key Stock

*NEW FEATURE* Adjust the Hub 

All newer Juiced Rite cold press juice machines now have a cool new adjustable hub. This allows more space behind or in front of the blade holder and blade and gives you greater flexibility in allowing your produce to move through the shredder.

Start with loosened side set screws so the hub can move freely on the stock (see image below). The set screw to adjust the hub is down the center of the smaller end that holds the blade holder. Turning this screw clockwise, pushes it further from the motor and closer to the chute.  Turning this center screw counterclockwise, brings it closer to the motor and farther from the chute.

We recommend testing, as with all your processes, to see how the location of the hub helps your juice production. And don’t forget to take lots of notes!

Uninstalled Hub and Set Screw Locations
Uninstalled Hub and Set Screw Locations

Want to See All of These Steps in Action? 

Check out the video here to see how to get your blade holder and hub on and off your machine with ease.

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