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Change the Oil in your Juicer: A step-by-step guide

The oil in your cold press juicer is… well, the life force of your machine. You literally can’t make juice without it! This is why it’s recommended to change the oil in your juicer at least once a year.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change the oil in your Juiced Rite juicer and keep your machine running at its best.

Note: The following steps are for our newest R4 models.

Before We Begin

Safety First! Though you will have to operate your machine during some of this process, we still advise you to take every precaution. Turn off and unplug your machine during the initial phase of the oil change and be very cautious of your surroundings during the entire process.

We recommend changing the oil in your hydraulic system at least once a year and checking on it after every filter change. It’s really important to keep your juicer well maintained and lubricated. This will extend the life of your machine and keep your juice yield high!

Is your juicer ready for an oil change? Jump here to find out.

What You’ll Need

Once you’re ready to change the oil in your juicer, gather up the following supplies:

  • A container under the machine (a full sized aluminum roasting pan works great – it can hold the gallon and a half of oil inside your machine)
  • A 3/8″ hex key
  • A funnel
  • New food grade oil (more than 1.5 gallons)
  • Teflon tape (optional, but very good to have handy)

Let’s do this!

Remove Old Oil in Your Juicer

Hydraulic Tank – Bottom Plug and Top Fill Cap on an M100R4
  1. Locate the Bottom Plug on the bottom of the oil tank. It’s hard to see so you’ll have to feel for it (see image below). Then, place the oil pan/tray underneath it.
  2. Use the 3/8″ hex key to open and remove the Bottom Plug. Set the plug aside in a clean area.
  3. Next, remove the Top Fill Cap on top of your oil tank to vent the hydraulic system. (Once the cap is removed, the oil will flow fairly quickly through the bottom plug so be sure your pan is in place!).
  4. After all the fluid is out of the tank, replace the Bottom Plug. Use Teflon tape to get a good seal (optional).

Refill with New Oil

  1. Use a funnel to slowly pour new oil into the opening where you removed the Top Fill Cap. Stop when the oil level reaches halfway up the Sight Glass on the back of the oil tank. The Sight Glass looks like a small black window (see image below).
  2. With the Top Fill Cap still off (and the Sight Glass fully installed), turn on your machine.
  3. Next, run the press cycle back and forth a minimum of six (6) times. This will cycle the new oil through the system and remove air through the fill cap hole.
  4. Then, stop your press in the open position (“park” it, if you will) and check the fluid level in your Sight Glass. The dot in the center of the Sight Glass marks your full line. If the oil level is under this mark, add more oil and repeat steps 3 and 4 until the oil level is steadily midway in the Sight Glass.
  5. Once you’ve ran the press cycle without having to add oil, replace the Top Fill Cap on your oil tank.
Hydraulic Tank – Sight Glass on an M100R4

#Pro Tip: To speed up the initial process, you can remove the Sight Glass to allow the tank to vent. Fill the tank until you see the new oil oozing out of the Sight Glass hole (it really does ooze), keeping in mind that it’s about a gallon and a half of oil. Reinstall the Sight Glass to just barely past hand tight. Once you’ve gotten it hand tightened, turn it 1/8th of a turn more and that’s it. Don’t turn it anymore (resist!).

Burp Your Juice Machine

As with any closed system, air can get trapped inside your juicer’s hydraulic system. To prevent the air from damaging your machine, it’s good practice to “burp” it. Here’s how:

  1. Use your juicer as you normally would.
  2. After it has run for a while (preferably after the first juicing cycle), reach down and feel if the hydraulic tank is warm. If so, the oil will also be warm, which means the trapped air has moved to the top of the system.
  3. Next, open the Top Fill Cap temporarily to release any extra air pressure inside the tank (and minimize any chance for leaks (yay!).)
  4. Reinstall the Top Fill Cap. Double check everything is tightened well.
  5. Now you’re all done changing the oil in your cold press juicer!

When should you change the oil in your juicer?

Take a good look at the Oil Change Color Chart and compare it to your juicer’s oil. If your oil is clear and free of debris, your oil does not need to be changed. If it’s looking dark and sludgy, we recommend to change the oil in your juicer immediately.

We also recommend changing your juicer’s oil if…

Oil has colorful hue

When your juicer isn’t properly and frequently cleaned, the keratins and chlorophyll from your produce get pulled into the machine during the press cycle and begin to color the oil. This happens when your produce is dries on the juicer’s cylinders (overnight or in between presses), leaving your oil with an orange or green hue.

You can use the oil for a bit longer (at your discretion) but there is a risk that larger proteins may get stuck and clog your oil filter.

However, it is still crucial to improve your cleaning process to prevent this issue and many others. (Here is our recommended cleaning method). Regular maintenance and deep cleaning practices will ensure your machine lasts long and stays strong.

Oil looks foamy

If your oil is opaque or milky, this means your hydraulic system most likely has water in it. This could be detrimental to your juicer’s lifespan!

This water can cause corrosion on several of the components in the oil system, which means you might need to replace expensive parts that should last the life of your machine.

Water in your hydraulic system also poses a health hazard. If this water combines with air leaks, the water will oxidize and create a ripe environment for fungal growth inside the hydraulic tank. YUCK. In this scenario, you must change the oil immediately and schedule a service call with us to fix the leak!

Troubleshooting Oil Change Issues

Not sure if you need to change the oil in your juicer? Does it have black stuff coming out? No cause for alarm! Send a photo to We’ll check if the oil needs changing or if there are more steps to ensure your machine is running at it’s fullest potential.

In need of supplies?

Check out our online store to purchase filters and oil for your machine, or reach out to and we’ll get you squared away.

Enjoy Your Happy, Loved Machine!

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