Two Different Control Panels With a Brand Color Overlay

Occasionally, you will need to check inside your electrical boxes for moisture as part of your regular maintenance. We recommend doing this about once a month.

You may also need to access these electrical locations to update any wiring or switches (don’t worry– it’s super easy!). Follow these instructions to open your control and electrical panel boxes for all models (CM25 does vary so check for those instructions if that’s your model).

The Control Panel  

SAFETY FIRST! Always turn off and unplug your machine when servicing or maintaining. Stay safe!

The Control Panel is the box near the shredder of your machine that houses all your control switches and buttons. You will need a large flat blade screwdriver to be able to open this box.

Control Panel on an M200 Cold Press Juicer (M75-M400 have the same control panel)
Control Panel on a CM25 Cold Press Juicer

How To Open the Control Panel 

With an unplugged machine, simply unlock the panel at the “keyhole” with your flat screwdriver. This keyhole is located near the bottom center of M75-M400 machines and in the center for the CM25 (see images above).

Once “unlocked,” flip your panel open by lifting from the bottom to hinge at the top (hinges are on the right side of the CM25), being aware and careful of the seals and wires. Do not pull abruptly on the panel as you could loosen wires.

How To Close the Control Panel 

To replace, carefully tuck the wires back inside the box portion and flip the panel back over the box. “Lock” the panel back in place with a flat screwdriver to hold the panel securely onto the box.

The Electrical Box 

SAFETY FIRST! Always turn off and unplug your machine when servicing or maintaining it. Stay safe!

The Electrical Box is located on the bottom rear of the machine, next to the hydraulic tank on our larger models (it is the back panel of the CM25). This is where your electrical connections are stored, including the drives that power your press and shredder. You will need your large flat blade screwdriver to be able to open this box.

Electrical Box Panel on an M100 Cold Press Juicer (M75-M400 are the same)
Electrical Box Panel on a CM25 Cold Press Juicer

How To Open/Remove the Electric Box Panel   

For Most Juiced Rite Press Models (See below for the CM25)

Confirm that your machine is unplugged and that the electric switch is in the “off” position (the door will not open if this is not “off”). To “unlock” the door: gently insert a large flat screwdriver into the keyhole and turn. Open the hinged panel from the right side like a book to access the inside.

For the CM25

After unplugging your machine, put your fingers under the bottom edge of the panel and lift up slightly to compress the upper seal. Then pull the bottom of the panel out towards you and lift over the pins that hold it in place. Once it’s cleared the pins, you can drop the panel down and pull the seal out of the upper slot.

How To Close/Return the Panel   

For Most Models (See below for the CM25)

Do the above in reverse. Close the panel, insert the screwdriver to “lock” the box, and turn the electric switch to “on” before use.

For the CM25

Install the upper seal into the slot at the top front of the box. While pushing upwards on the panel, rotate the panel in so the edges of the panel engage over the top of the pins on the box sides.

Recommended Maintenance For Your Electrical Boxes 

AKA Why would I need to remove these panels?

We recommend you check for moisture inside both boxes monthly. If you see any dampness, it may not be a leak but condensation develops inside which depends on many factors (the more often you check, the more likely you will find out what causes this moisture). If you do find any moisture, we recommend opening up and wiping/drying the inside of the panel regularly.

Juiced Rite machines are built with water-tight seals that should last the life of your machine. But some factors can cause them to fail. In the extremely unlikely event that your seal is not preventing moisture from the interior of either box, you can contact us to order new seals at

We also recommend a monthly inspection to check for any corrosion on the switches and buttons on the Control Panel. This can happen over time with improper cleaning and definitely is better to catch early! (Also switches and buttons are easy to replace, get those step-by-step instructions on how to replace a switch or button, and order new switches and buttons via

If you run into any issues you can always call our Service Dept here: toll-free at 800.590.9670 ext 3 or locally at 909.464.8253 ext 3 or email

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