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OH NO! My Machine Won’t Turn On!!

AKA How to Reset Your E-Stop

The number one reason your machine isn’t running is because your Emergency Stop (E-Stop) is engaged. Read on to learn how to reset it.

How Many Emergency Stops Does Your Press Have? 

First thing you need to know is whether your machine has one or two E-stop locations. You will need to disengage both in order for your press to power on.

Our current models have a single E-stop located on the raised control panel in either the center or the top of the panel. Your panel configuration likely looks something like this (perhaps with fewer buttons or switches though).

M200 E-Stop on the Control Panel

NOTE: If your control panel is counter height (unlike the newer models that are next to the shredder housing), you likely have a second E-stop on the side also.

Left Side View of Machine with E-Stop

Disengage Your Emergency Stop

When you need to reset your E-stop, locate your E-stop button first (or two if you have a second on an older model). Check the cap for the arrows, twist the cap in the direction of the arrows until it pops back out and shows a yellow band at the bottom. Our newer models include an illuminated button that lights up when it’s engaged (very handy).

Emergency Stop Button

NOTE: Some older models may not show a yellow band. If the button has risen or made an audible click, you can test if the button has been disengaged by turning on your machine. If you have a second E-stop, you may also need to reset it before your machine will power up.

Know Your Emergency Stop Locations

It may seem obvious but actually locating your emergency stops BEFORE you need them is a good idea. Check to see if your machine has one or two locations.

When To Push the E-Stop 

If any parts of your body, clothing, or anything that SHOULDN’T be inside a press end up there– PUSH THE EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON! Err on the side of caution– it’s easy to reset your E-stop but not so easy to reset injuries!

What Happens When You Engage the E-Stop 

The shredder motor shuts down immediately once the E-stop is engaged. The hydraulics will back up for a few seconds and then shut down completely.

Both E-stops function independently from each other, so if you have an older model with a side button, it will behave the same as the control panel button. BOTH E-stops will need to be reset before your machine will power on.

In Conclusion 

Remember to check your E-stops whenever your machine isn’t powering on and you’re likely to get yourself back up and running in no time!

If your machine does not power on after you reset your E-stops, reach out to our service department and we’ll be glad to help. You can reach us here: toll free at 800.590.9670 ext 3 or locally at 909.464.8253  ext 3 or email

Happy Juicing!

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