Pint-sized machine

... Gallons of action.

Ideal For
Food Truck
4-8 Gal. (15-30 L)
per Hour
Fits Thru The Door
Special Use
Not Suitable for
Fibrous Produce

The CM25 allows you to press up to press up to 8 gallons per hour of fresh, healthy cold press juice right in front of your customers (it might be messy, but they can’t say it’s not fresh). The CM25 is designed to stay on your countertop and is perfect for small volume juicing, or on display in a food truck or cafe.

Need to move your machine around a lot?
You’ll need a VERY strong friend to help you or you can look at one of our wheeled options.

The CM25 lacks the individual control of the shredder and press zones that the bigger machines have but it more than makes up for it with being so conveniently small. But if your business relies solely on juice consider having a larger machine in an offsite commercial kitchen to manage the volume you’ll need.

The machine arrives assembled so you can use it immediately and make juice from day one. Easy to clean and 100% washdown. Simply load up your fruits or vegetables and start pressing. All that’s missing is you.

Note: The CM25 is not suitable for fibrous produce. Try the M75 or larger instead.

Specs + Features of the
Cold Press Juice Machine


  • 4-8 Gal. (15-30 L) per Hour
  • 42-84 Bottles (12oz) per Hour
  • 42-85 Bottles (350ml) per Hour
Watermelon with a cut for a smile wearing sunglasses on a background made of alternating pink and white concentric circles
Pineapple with a cut for a smile wearing sunglasses on a background made of alternating yellow and white starburst pattern


  • 120V Single Phase Power

    (adaptable plug option)
  • 1 HP Motor


  • Overall Dimensions:

    18in (46cm) W x 25in (64cm) L x 40in (102cm) H
  • Base Footprint:

    15in (38cm) W x 19in (49cm) L x 40in (102cm) H
  • Net Weight: 210lb (95kg)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
This Machine Is 13 Oranges Tall

The right machine has these benefits

Juiced Rite Machine Standards

Our free-standing machines include the following awesome features to help make your juicing experience even that much more awesome.

Not all of these standards apply to the CM25 or the M800 due to their already special capabilities.

Press Pulse Program

Save time and increase your yield with our proprietary pre-programmed press cycle (say that 5 times fast). We've got science working for you to save time and energy (yay for science!). Our Press Pulse Program™ eliminates the extra work to get more juice yield- no need to wait to push buttons or stir to get more juice. Call us to learn more, and we can nerd out on all the fabulous science together (it's so fun).

Ultimate Speed Control

Have supreme control with the ability to customize your speed for shredding and pressing. Produce with higher water content may benefit from a slower press to increase yield, and with speed control, you have the power to test that. Many specialty juicers have found significant benefit to their nut milk and wine production (among others!) with controlling the speed throughout their pressing process.

Accessories for Everyone!

All the things you need to get started juicing right out of the box (or shrink wrap!). Each machine comes with a full set of press bags, three blade types that work with a variety of produce, exclusive wave boards that interlock to create an irregular surface area to maximize yield, and a shredder skirt to minimize the mess (juicing will always be messy but we can help make it a little less!). Get set up and get juicing!

Safety Comes First

Safety is a top concern when you're using super fast, super sharp blades and powerful hydraulics. Thankfully, our machines have integrated safety locks on our shredder system and emergency stops that automatically shut down and open the machine when disconnected or pressed. We've also included safety guarding where possible and each danger zone is clearly labeled.

Electrical Modifiability

All Juiced Rite machines are built in the US with standard electrical options, but are easily adaptable to any regional specifications. To see specific electrical standards for each machine, check out our downloadable comparison sheet. Understanding your electrical needs is important and we work with you to make sure you're set up correctly from the start.

100% Washdown

Our machines are made of stainless steel and are 100% washdown ready. We choose a higher quality electropolish over standard passivization so you can rest assured your machine is finished to create incredibly safe and high quality juice. Electropolish also aids in cleanability (just use a food safe alkaline wash and acid sanitation routine) which makes machines (and juice) happy. Win win!

Owner Empowerment

We purposefully design our machines for YOU to maintain. Why spend time finding and paying a technician when you can service the machine yourself and prevent excessive down time? We empower you to handle your own business (literally). We even offer optional Training and Set Up for all new machines at the time of delivery. Get your questions answered and feel confident you can do ALL.THE.THINGS. At the push of a button. Literally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Awww, sadness. No you can’t, at least, not very well. The design of the CM25 is intentionally compact, but that does limit some function.

Ginger (and turmeric also) are very fibrous which does not move freely in the smaller shredder housing.

This small space traps the fibers and often heats up the produce before dropping it into the bag. This heat can destroy the precious enzymes and is no longer “cold press” juicing. If this is an important part of your regular juicing production, we suggest you move up to an M75 or M100 which have more than enough room to shred ginger and other produce like it.

Well, it depends on how much you lift- can you lift more than 200 lbs?

It’s not a typical “appliance” that’s easy to store away in the cupboard. If you’re hoping to move it every day for cleaning, that’s a little trickier. It’s a very heavy machine and you should always move the machine with another person (or two!).

Being a countertop model, there isn’t a lot of flexibility like our freestanding machines on castors. This is really important to consider when purchasing a CM25.

There are lots of factors that can improve your yield. One of our top recommendations is to mix your produce when shredding and pressing (see the Dishwasher Analogy for more info). Having a sharp blade and clean bags are also great yield accelerators.

Another option, if you’re a larger producer, is to have a separate press for specific recipes that you can repeat the same ingredients with. Having your speed control “dialed in” and process established can greatly increase your productivity.

You also save time by not having to clean between recipes or changing over your produce.

Pick one! (Except the CM25 or M25, sorry!)

We recommend our larger machines (M75 or larger) for fibrous produce, such as ginger and turmeric. The main reason is because you have more power with a 3 horsepower motor and larger shredder housing for the produce to move through. Combine this power with a (sharp!) 9″ pulping blade and your ginger production is basically unstoppable!

Yes we do! We offer a limited one-year warranty for our US customers and a special warranty for our International peeps.

Another bonus- you can add a year to your warranty with the purchase of On Site Training and Installation with your new machine in US and Canada, a fabulous arrangement for those wanting to get started on solid footing. Reach out here for our sales department to learn more.

Depends on what you mean by “big batches”.

In standard production for most juice shops, we would say no. The CM25 was produced for niche and specialty purposes, and those requiring only small batches of juice produced at a time.

Need big batch juice? Check out our M75 and M100 or even the M200 – now that’s some big batch juice production!

Absolutely! It’s fun to watch the process, but we do remind all our customers that juicing is messy — and there’s really no way around it.

We offer shredder skirts for all our models, and this helps a lot in cutting down the mess. You can also create a “splash zone” that helps prevent the spatter that inevitably occurs.

But still, yes make juice in front of customers, it’s fun to watch!

We designed the CM25 for compact-ability so if you have a counter, you should be able to fit the machine easily. Here are the specs of the machine for proper measuring [CLICK HERE]. Just remember, moving and transporting the machine does need some friendly assistance. It’s heavy, so don’t forget to get some help.

The press zone is the space between two press boards on the fixed platen and moving platen. The hydraulics push the moving platen into the fixed platen to create the pressure that extracts the juice from the produce you have filled your bag with. Hence “pressing” the produce creates your precious juice from the press zone.

ONE! Having more than one operator for a machine just seems silly, don’t you think?

Not only can one person operate this machine, it also has a pre-programmed press cycle that allows other tasks to be completed simultaneously. BOOM! Productivity hacked!









Which machine is right for you?

From the modest juicer who likes long walks on the beach to the industrial powerhouse who raves all night, we’ve got the juicer for you. 

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