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Are you having some trouble getting the best yield from your produce? Does it seem like your juice volumes have started to decrease?

Your blades are a likely culprit- especially if it’s been more than 3 months since you last changed them. Sharper blades make shredding SO much more effective and make machines happy.

Learn how to change your blade quickly and easily in the steps outlined below (it’s super easy with our new HDPE blade holder!).

Our NEW HDPE Blade Holder used on all our newer machines.

**SAFETY FIRST- Blades are sharp! Like, REALLY sharp. Even if your blades are “dull”, they can still cause ouchies. So please, BE VERY CAREFUL when handling blades, use gloves or shop towels to protect yourself.** 

Now, let’s get ready to change your blade!

To Install Your Blade

Step One – Get Ready to Change Your Blade

You’ll need a few tools before you can change your blade. One of which is a new sharp blade! You will also need a standard Allen wrench set with various sizes, a long T-handle Allen wrench and potentially replacement blade holder screw and washer. All of these tools and hardware were provided with your new machine, so go find your handy toolkit and you’ll be set. (Note: some of our literature and videos interchange “Allen Wrench” and “Hex Key” but don’t be confused, they’re the same thing!)

Step Two  – Hold Your Blade Correctly

So this isn’t really a “step” but it’s important to note (especially in written instructions). When you are ready to change your blade, be sure you’re holding your blade correctly. Check that the raised parts of the holes are facing you and the flat side of the blade surface will be facing the blade holder. See the image below for the “proper side” that should be facing you when you’re holding the blade.

Think of it like a cheese grater, you want the raised portions facing the cheese (also, we don’t recommend placing cheese in your machine). Similarly, you want the produce coming through the chute to be in contact with the raised parts of the blade.

Step Three  – Place the Blade on the Blade Holder

(We’re assuming your Blade Holder is already installed here, if not, refer to this article for the how to on that.) Spot the keyholes that go around the outer edge of the blade. Line up the larger end of the keyholes on the blade with the eight (8) pins on the blade holder (see image) and carefully hang the blade on the pins.

Step Four – Install the Blade

**SAFETY FIRST: This is where you get real up close and personal with your blade, so if you haven’t been using gloves or a towel yet (why not?), go get something to protect your precious fingers!**

With your gloved (or toweled) hand, place your hands behind the blade holder, and using your thumbs and fingers, holding on to the edge of the blade, rotate the blade clockwise to engage the pins into the smaller end of the blade’s keyholes.

Step Five  – Install Center Screw   (JUST TO SNUG!)

Install the washer and screw into the center of the blade and blade holder that goes into the hub. Hand tighten the screw with your Allen Wrench, just to snug. Seriously, the screw does not need to be very tight here, you just want it snug. An overtightened screw can warp the blade and cause binding and all kinds of craziness while shredding.

Do note that the NEW HDPE Blade Holder uses a 1/4″ screw in the center. You should have plenty of these included in your toolkit with your new machine, just in case you… ahem, lost them (it happens).

And You Are Done!

Success! You are now a “Change Your Blade” master and can teach everyone you know your new skill!

Note: Sadly, used shredder blades cannot be resharpened BUT they can be recycled with any stainless steel scrap metal facility.

To Uninstall the Blade After Use

Not dissimilar to doing the above installation steps (but in reverse, of course) follow these steps to uninstall your blade for cleaning after every use. (Please remove and clean your blade and blade holder after EVERY use. Cleaning the hub at least once a month is also recommended)

Step One – Remove the Chute

Remove the chute and set aside in a safe place (no precarious balancing please!).

Step Two – Loosen the Center Screw

Hold the edge of the blade and blade holder carefully using a glove or shop towel, insert your hex key into the center screw and spin the blade and blade holder to loosen the screw, but don’t remove it yet!

Step Three – Rotate the Blade CAREFULLY

Carefully (so carefully) rotate the loosened blade to move the pins to the larger end of the keyholes. Continue to loosen and remove the center screw and washer – keep a hold of your blade with your gloved hand! Set your center screw and washer aside (also should be sanitized with every use).

#PRO Tip: Used blades should be cleaned right away to prevent build up and keep them shiny. We recommend using PBW, it’s our favorite. (And you can buy it here!)

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