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How to Clean Your Commercial Juicer

Cleaning your juicer before every juicing session is THE BEST way to keep your machine fresh and ready to make juice. If you juice daily, you should clean daily. The sugars in fruit and vegetable juices can get into every nook and cranny, creating sticky, germ-filled messes. Follow these steps, especially finishing with an alkaline rinse (so important!), for a simple method to clean your commercial juicer.

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Prepare Soak for Juicing Accessories

Fill a sink (or large tub) with a cleaning solution by following the directions on the package. You will be adding your juicer’s accessories to this solution later on!

We recommend PBW by Star San for a safe, environmentally-friendly cleaner.

Tub of PBW to clean commercial juicers and kitchen equipment

Start by “De-chunking” Your Juicer

NOTE: Never use high-pressure water sprayers when washing your machine! Our juicers are water-tight, but NOT water resistant. Spraying them directly with high pressure water can break the protectant seal and damage electrical components of your press.

For kitchens with a floor drain  

  1. Use a kitchen hose with a sprayer (or anything that can get water to your juicer) to rinse down your press.
  2. Rinse and hose your machine from top to bottom to remove as much of the sugars and chunks as possible.
  3. Chase the chunks that get into small spaces & rinse those chunks all the way down to the floor drain.

For kitchens without a floor drain  

  1. Use saturated rags to wipe and brushes or pads to scrub down your machine. You can also get creative with towels and buckets to wash and rinse. We know you can find a way!
  2. Once you’ve washed down the outside of your machine, make sure your shredder housing is closed and your juice pan is in place.
  3. Then, turn the shredder on at its lowest speed and then run your water through the shredder chute for a good de-chunking that flows down into the juice pan.

Rinse & Disassemble Your Juicer  

Remove Shredder Chute  

  1. Unlatch your shredder chute & tip it forward while you rinse around and behind the blade holder inside the shredder housing.
  2. When you’re satisfied with your rinse, remove your chute and set aside in a safe place (no precarious balancing!).

Uninstall Shredding Components

  1. Once you have sufficiently rinsed the shredder housing, remove your shredder blade.
  2. Next, remove your blade holder & your hub.
  3. Soak all of these parts into the sink you’ve prepared with the cleaning solution.

Remove Juicing Accessories  

  1. Remove your press bag. Make sure your press bag is empty and free from waste before cleaning it! For a tutorial on how to deep-clean your press bags, click here.
  2. Rinse your press boards and remove them.
  3. Then, soak your boards with your cleaning solution & give them a good scrub. We recommend using our cleaning tool kit that comes with everything you need to clean your juicer.
  4. Empty your juice collection pan & add it to your sink with the cleaning solution.

Spray & Scrub Your Juicer  

  1. After you’ve rinsed your machine, saturate it with your PBW cleaning solution. We recommend using a spray bottle, rag, or brush with a bucket of solution.
  2. Scrub down any gunk that has built up with a Scotch Brite pad.
  3. Get the cleaning solution into every nook and cranny and scrub as best you can.
  4. After scrubbing, rinse the entire machine again with water.

NOTE: Is your machine losing its shine? Don’t worry! It is possible to return your machine to its original shiny silver with a little elbow grease. Removing discoloration is a sure sign that you’re doing it right, but keep in mind that maintaining a consistent cleaning routine will prevent discoloration in the first place! It’s also good idea to remove your cylinder cover for cleaning periodically also – you might be surprised what you find in there…

Final Steps

  1. Finish your cleaning session with an alkaline rinse on the entire stainless steel surface of your press. We recommend using the same PBW you’ve been cleaning your machine with. You do not need to rinse this.
  2. Head to the sink with your juicer accessories and give them a good cleaning and scrub!
  3. Re-assemble your juicer parts and accessories.
  4. Lastly, sanitize and disinfect surfaces right before your next juicing session. Here’s an article showing you how!

Keep your Juicer Clean!

Neglecting to regularly clean your commercial juicer means you’ll be spending more time scrubbing and cleaning your press. Not cleaning your commercial juicer regularly can also lead to problems like tannin build-up, or worse, machine malfunction.

Just remember, a clean press is a happy press! Start with the cleaning process we’ve provided here, adapt and modify it to make it your own, and you will have a happy machine for clean wonderful cold press juice for you and your community.


Can I wash my juicer with a high-pressure hose or sprayer?

Do NOT use any high-powered water sprayer on your press. The control panel and electrical boxes on your Juiced Rite LLC cold press are water tight, but spraying directly on them with high power can cause damage.

How often should I clean my commercial juicer?

We recommend cleaning your commercial juicer after every juicing session and rinse it in between every juice recipe! Keep in mind that the specifics may vary depending on your local health code. Be sure to build your cleaning process using federal and local guidelines that apply to you!

How often should I clean my juicing accessories?

Just like your cold press juicer, you should be cleaning your juicing accessories every time you juice! Not properly maintaining clean equipment can introduce gross flavors to your fresh cold pressed juice and can discolor your cold press juicer. To learn more about maintaining your juicer, read more here.

Why is the final alkaline rinse important for my juicer?

This final alkaline rinse resets the pH of the machine’s surface and protects the oxidation layer on the stainless steel that keeps your juice safe. We keep a clearly marked spray bottle of premixed PBW handy for just this purpose.

Hooray for a clean juicer!

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