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Photo of a red juice spilled in the shape of a heart to show that making cold press juice is messy.

Making Cold Press Juice is Messy.  

To put it simply, making cold press juice is one of the messiest things you can do — second only to a toddler eating spaghetti. From juicy produce, to overfilled press bags, we’re here to tell you all about the mess and share tips you can implement to control the chaos!

Juicer Design.

Our juicers are designed to be easily used, maintained, and repaired by owners and operators. We focus on this design to help your business save both time and money by handling juicer maintenance in-house.

For safety, efficiency, and simplicity, our juicers have a wide pressing area that’s easily accessible from the top of your juicer. This means there’s always a chance your juice will spill over and spray counters and ceiling with fruity and sugary deliciousness (although you won’t see it this way when it’s your turn to clean!).

However, no matter which machine you’re making cold press juice with, the process will be runny, sticky and will most definitely make a mess. You might even forget to place your juice pan on your juicer and accidentally spill it all over your floors. (Yes, this has happened to us!).

We suggest using a shredder skirt for your juicer. It acts as a shield between your shredder chute and the press zone, so you can catch the splatter before it happens. Check out this small shredder skirt or this large shredder skirt for your Juiced Rite cold press juicer.

Ingredient Consistency.

A Juiced Rite CM25 commercial cold press juicer with a juice pan with red juice in it. There's a small juice splatter by the juice pan spigot.

When you’re making cold press juice, it is very important to know your produce. This is because it’s texture and water content contribute to not only how much juice you can get out of your produce, but also how much mess a particular produce or recipe will create.

For instance, an apple that is properly hydrated will release more juice in the prepping stage than an apple you’ve just picked up from the grocery store. Therefore, you might want to take different precautions while you’re prepping.

To prep juicy produce, we recommend using cutting boards with grooves so you can catch the liquid as it’s being released to save your counters and floors from the unwanted mess.

Juicing Process.

Image of a a messy produce pusher and shredder skirt for Juiced Rite commercial cold press juicers.

It’s really important that you use a produce pusher as well as the appropriate shredder blade for your produce to help you minimize spray back. (We wrote an article all about our shredder blades, so you can be confident that your juicing process is as efficient and mess-free as possible.)

We also recommend keeping a close eye on your press bag. When you’re making cold press juice, beware of overfilling them! This is crucial if you want to minimize the mess. If you overfill your press bag, shredded produce will have no space to rise and as the press zone closes, the produce will shoot straight up to the ceiling! (We’ve seen a ceiling or two… not overfilling your bag can help with this.)

Lastly, when you do make a mess, don’t wait to clean it. The sugars will adhere to your surfaces and that can make them a pain to clean up!


  • Use shredder skirts on your juicer to catch splatter before it happens.
  • Know your produce — texture and water content affect how much mess your recipe makes.
  • Use cutting boards with grooves to catch liquid while prepping juicy produce.
  • Use a produce pusher and the appropriate shredder blade to minimize spray back during juicing.
  • Be mindful of press bag capacity to avoid overfilling.
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