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Five Star PBW Alkaline Cleaner

Made for: All Machines

1 lb PBW (Powder Brewery Wash) Non-Caustic Alkaline Cleaner

Use after juicing sessions to clean the machine and accessories


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The Specifics

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PBW (Powder Brewery Wash) is our go-to cleaner for all things used in cold press juicing. Follow every juicing session with this cleaning solution to effectively clean and protect your equipment.

We recommend this biodegradable, stain-removing, skin-safe cleaner as a wash for all our products. From bags to blades to your machine itself, this wash cleans it all.

We recommend an alkaline wash after every juicing session to counteract the acids from the juice and to prevent corrosion of your machine. Learn more about alkaline and your machine surface here.

PBW is a concentrate. Follow package directions for best results.

Need a great washdown process? Take a look here for some tips!

Note: PBW is NOT a sanitizing solution. PBW is a cleaning solution. Sanitizing is done BEFORE using your press and accessories to produce food for human consumption. Star San is our recommended sanitizing product.

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