Commercial + Industrial
Cold Press Juicers

Large Shredder Skirt

Made for: M75 | M100 | M200
with R3 Shredder Systems

Large Shredder Skirt for our larger freestanding juicers. Use a skirt to help control the mess!

Compatible with all machines equipped with the R3 Shredder System– including upgrades!


Available on backorder

The Specifics

Full Description

Our large-sized shredder skirt is used on freestanding cold press juice machines with the new R3 shredder system. Machines that include this system: M75, M100, M200, Model 75 R3, Model 100 R3, and Model 200 R3.

Control the shredder mess with a handy skirt! Shredding produce can be a little unruly, so we created the shredder skirt to help you direct your shreds directly into your press bag and save you precious process and clean-up time.

Easy to install with straps and a D-hook, the shredder skirt simply slips over the opening of the shredder while hanging from the shredder housing.

Made with durable fabric, Shredder Skirts are easy to care for– just use the same process you do with your press bags. They are also machine washable (just be sure to sanitize before use).

Available on backorder