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How to Make Cold Pressed Juice: A Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to make cold pressed juice with your Juiced Rite machine is the first step to mastering the art of commercial juicing. From prepping your produce to emptying your juice pan, this guide will get you juicing in no time!

NOTE: The following operating instructions apply to our M75-M200 juicers.

Prepare Your Produce

These are general suggestions only. Be sure to follow your local food guidelines for best practices throughout every step of your food preparation process.

  1. Weigh out each ingredient in your recipe. Only prepare what you will be pressing for that batch to keep your produce as fresh as possible right up to juicing time. If you’re planning to re-hydrate your produce, we recommend doing it 8-12 hours before you start to juice.

Prepare Your Juicer

If this is your first time making juice with your new Juiced Rite machine, read Getting Started: Set Up Your New Juiced Rite Juicer before proceeding with this guide!

  1. Before making cold pressed juice, ensure that your machine is clean and sanitized.
  2. Then, install the appropriate shredder blade for your recipe. Not sure which is best? In this blog, we teach you how.
  3. Install your juicing accessories like your press boards, press bag, juice collection pan, and shredder skirt.
  4. Next, be sure your press is plugged in, the e-stops are disengaged, and the main power on your control panel is switched to “On” (see the red and yellow Main Power Switch on an M100 electrical panel in the image below).
Main Power Switch on Electrical Panel of an M100
Main Power Switch on Electrical Panel of an M100

Shred Your Produce & Fill Your Press Bag

The latest control panels for our commercial juice presses look like the image above, with “Press” and “Shredder” sections that allow you to toggle them “On” and “Off”.

  1. To start your shredder, switch your ”Shredder” toggle switch from the “Off” position to the “On” position.
  2. Use the “Speed” dial at the bottom right corner of your control panel to control the speed of your shredder. Start slow if you’re juicing a brand new recipe! To learn more about the best speed for your shredder, read this post.
  3. Next, you can add your produce to the chute.Use the produce pusher to guide the produce down the chute towards the shredder. Allow the pusher’s weight to do the work, no need to jam it in! (And if you find yourself jamming your pusher often, it might be time to replace your juicer blade!)
  4. Watch your press bag as it fills with your shredded produce. Keep shredding your produce until your press bag is appropriately filled.
  5. Then, turn “Off” the Shredder. Once the blade has stopped spinning completely, unlatch your shredder chute.
  6. Use a large spoon to scrape the little bits of produce stuck behind your shredder blade. Drop this produce into your bag before you press. Every ounce counts!

NOTE: The fill in your press bag can vary depending on the produce you’re juicing. The goal is to maximize the produce in your press bag without overfilling it. Overfilling your press bag can cause your shredded produce to “rise” out of the bag and spill over as it’s being pressed. This can put unnecessary strain on your press bags and cause them to burst!

Control Panel on an M100
Control Panel on an M100

Press Your Produce & Make Cold Pressed Juice!

  1. Ensure your shredder is set to “Off” & re-latch your shredder chute (or remove it for cleaning).
  2. To start your press, switch your ”Press” button from the “Off” position to the “On” position.
  3. When you’re ready and all hands are safely away from the press zone, activate your Pulse Press Program by switching the “Auto” switch on your control panel towards “Close.”
  4. Then, let the Press Pulse Program do the work! You can adjust the speed of your press anytime during the press cycle if your produce is rising too fast! Learn the optimal speed for your produce here.
  5. Let the program run it’s course or press until the pulp in your press bag is dry. To end the press cycle early, manually stop your press by switching the “Auto” button towards “Open” or by switching your Jog toggle to “Open”.

Empty Your Juice Pan & Repeat

Once your juice has been pressed, empty your juice pan & your press bag:

  • If you’re ready to keep juicing the same recipe, empty the juice pan if at capacity. Then, repeat the steps on this post to keep juicing!
  • If you’re getting ready to juice the next recipe, clean your juicer in-between the recipes & repeat this tutorial.

If you’re finished juicing, follow up with our recommended cleaning routine.


Why should I weight my ingredients?

As opposed to juicing a specific quantity of an ingredient (ex. 10 apples), weighing your ingredients (ex. 10 pounds of apples) will standardize the flavor profile of your juice and keep it consistent across juice batches. Since produce varies in shape and size depending on where you juice, making your recipes based on specific produce quantities will change how your juice tastes.

How long does it take to weigh, shred, and press a batch?

Most of our customers can run an entire press cycle in 5 minutes or less. We encourage everyone to time themselves and maybe run a contest to help improve efficiency!

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