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Not only do we manufacture great machines, we just might bring yours to you too!

Did you know that you can add Set Up & Training to the purchase of your new machine? This is a special add-on that lets us go the extra mile for you and your new machine to get you set up for awesomeness right from the beginning.

Getting your new machine to you can be done a few ways, but if you’re located in the southwestern United States, your machine often gets a little extra special delivery experience.

#Bonus: We also include service opportunities for many of our customers along the delivery route, saving everyone transportation costs and giving all the machines a chance for some attention and love (everyone wins!).

But, how is all of this done, you ask?

Meet David

Meet David (and his tiny Dutch Oven), Co-owner and Sales Director at Juiced Rite, LLC!
David (and his tiny Dutch Oven), Co-owner and Sales Director at Juiced Rite, LLC!

With our operations based out of Riverside, California USA, we have pretty great access to a lot of the southwestern states. David, one of the owners of Juiced Rite, LLC and our Sales Director, is our primary delivery person and he has a pretty sweet ride that hauls your machine to you (more on that later).

Sometimes David can be found driving all over the US – if we can send him traveling to you whenever possible, we’ll do it! These trips are scheduled a few times a year and are full of adventure.

Last year he did a month long trip through Texas and bordering states, delivering, servicing and meeting our amazing customers along the way.

(He also flies to our many customers outside of our personal delivery area for Set Up & Trainings too, so don’t worry, we love on you no matter where you are!)

Meet Ticia

Meet Ticia, one of our Non Sales Sales Customer Relations Officers!
Ticia, one of our Non Sales Sales Customer Relations Officers!

The logistics of these trips are not for the faint of heart. Ticia, one of our Non Sales Sales Customer Relations Officers, not only coordinates much of these trips but also has been known to join David on the road.

After mapping out the route, she locates existing customers on the way. Keep an eye out for one of her emails inviting you to have your machine serviced or just get some extra training when David is in your neighborhood!

These trips offer amazing time and cost saving opportunities that we love to pass on to our customers.

Meet The Van

The Van on the Road: White Cap Beach in Padre Island, TX
The Van on the Road: White Cap Beach in Padre Island, TX

But how do we get multiple machines in one vehicle to deliver to you safely? That’s where “The Van” comes in. Currently David drives a white Ford Transit, mid height, long wheel base cargo van with a few fun upgrade surprises!

With those big ol’ heavy machines (average weight of over 500lbs!), how on earth do we even get them IN the van? We use a sweet ramp of course! On the back of the van, just behind the doors, is our secret foldable steel ramp.

We also have a winch, set on 2×4 steel tubing, that pulls the machine up the ramp and safely into the van. Once inside, we snugly secure your machine with anchor points to protect the precious cargo while it’s on it’s way to you.

Our current van has the space to haul three M100R4’s or two M200R4’s — machines that make dreams come true, brought to you in a van!


Isn't That Ramp a Beauty?
Isn’t That Ramp a Beauty?

The delivery set up is fun, but you want to know the answer to the big question:

How does this relate to #vanlife?

Well, here’s a hint: David doesn’t stay in hotels the whole trip.

This van is no ordinary van, it’s been custom designed to not only haul the machines, but to become a “home away from home” for its passengers. Together, David and this van have over 80,000 miles of travel in just this last year alone.

The Van is fully equipped with a 1000 watt inverter, 250 amp hours of battery on board and even boasts an OTR antenna to boost cell phone reach. No worries about power and connection here!

Outfitted with a modular bed that converts from a single to a bunk bed — the van has even held a bed system for 4 people when the space for a machine wasn’t needed. For the colder seasons, the van is fully insulated with a diesel heater so David and companions stay nice and warm.

Cooking is easy with a KODI AT50 cooler that keeps about 20 pounds of ice for about a week. David loves his cast iron, the exclusive cookware in this van, including his 2qt dutch oven (it’s SO cute!) and a 10in comal that doubles as a lid for his 10in skillet. He has a propane stove but is often seen cooking (David LOVES to cook) over an open campfire all year round.

It doesn’t end there though, David enjoys these trips so much and is always dreaming of amazing new ways to modify the van for even more improvements and tweaks. He has big plans for The Van 2.0!

Delivery and Service Trips + So Much More

A Recent Delivery and Service Trip Mapped Out
A Recent Delivery and Service Trip Mapped Out

You could say David is living his best life on these trips, a dream come true for him and a life changer at that. Without this van and his vision, none of it would be possible. But it also wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people we serve in this business – you!

So get him on the road and book your service call or in-person training for your new machine! We bring along all the tools, bits and parts to make sure that your machine is 100% when we drive away.

(Another thing: never fear being in need during the winter months, David has been known to sneak in some snowboarding while out and about – he really doesn’t mind at all *wink*.)

Happy Delivering!

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