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Install + Uninstall Press Bags

All new Juiced Rite Cold Press Machines come with our new cuff style bags. Older models have grommets and hang from pins. We cover installing and uninstalling all of these press bags here.

Cuff Style Press Bags 

For these bags, you have to have a cuff style press board. R4 machines are all cuff boards. You can easily spot this style of board– they are taller than your platens (the stainless steel parts of the machine that press together with the boards between them) and there are slits a few inches from the sides.

A Cold Press Board for Cuff Style Press Bag

The cuff style bags themselves are pretty easy to spot too as they are the only style for our machines without grommets (note: we do carry many press bag styles for our older models and other manufacturers).

A Cuff Style Press Bag

Install Cuff Press Bags

Simply line up the interior cuff over the middle section of the board and slide the edges into the slits of the board. Your bag should fit snugly onto the board. Be sure it is pulled all the way down onto the board.

Your installed cuff press bag should look like this on your cold press machine:

Installed Cuff Press Bag on an M100

Uninstall Cuff Press Bag

Simply pull up on the bag to remove it from the board.

Grommet Style Press Bags 

Some older Juiced Rite models have grommets in their press bags. Grommets are the metal rings that are “stamped” into the fabric creating a hole to hang the bag from.

This style of bags are used on older models that have pins at the top of the platens.

A Grommet Style Press Bag

Install Grommet Press Bag 

Slide the grommet over the appropriate pin to secure in place, the front two on the stationary platen and the rear two on the moving platen. The fourth is a little tougher to secure but if you stretch, you’ll get it!

Be sure each grommet is all the way down onto each pin and under the pin head.

Uninstall Grommet Press Bag 

Simply pull up on the bag to unhook the grommet from the pin. No special order here but you might find that removing the rear pins prior to the front makes removing the used bag from the press easier.

Happy Juicing!

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