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Five Star Star San Acid Sanitizer

Made for: All Machines

8 oz Star San Acid Sanitizer

Use prior to juicing to sanitize your machine and accessories (follow local food safety guidelines)


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The Specifics

Full Description

Star San is our preferred sanitizing solution for use on all cold press juice equipment surfaces that come in contact with food. It’s important to sanitize before every juicing session (follow your location’s food safety guidelines).

Odorless, flavorless, and biodegradable, this sanitizer does not need rinsing after application with the proper dilution (though you can if you want to). With a foaming action, Star San will get into nooks and crannies for deeper sanitation.

The unique packaging includes a pre-measure section for ease of use.

We recommend filling a spray bottle with your pre-mixed Star San for easy application. Star San is a concentrate so please follow package directions for best dilution results. And please use gloves to protect yourself! It is food safe but still an acid!

Need a great sanitizing process? Take a look here for some tips!

Note: Star San is NOT a cleaning solution. Star San is a sanitizing solution. Your press needs to be cleaned with an alkaline solution after every juicing session for best results. We recommend PBW cleaner.

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