Large Size Cuff Press Bag – Coarse

Made for: M100* | M200*

Large Coarse Cuff Press Bag

Our top suggestion for high yield with fast results! 

*R4 Models Only – For use with Cuff Style Press Boards


In stock (can be backordered)

The Specifics

Full Description

Course press bags have a larger weave that encourages your juice to move through the bag quickly. A larger weave also prevents produce fibers from plugging up the bag spaces and causing unnecessary pressure inside the press bag. We recommend following your press with a China Cap strainer before bottling to reach your preferred juice clarity.

Our large-sized coarse weave cuffed press bag is used on our newest models of M100 and M200 machines. *R4 Models ONLY.

Cuff press bags hang from the top of the cuff press boards. They easily slip right over the long tabs into the slits at the top of the press board. Cuff bags are our most durable design ever!

Made with a durable, machine washable fabric, these press bags typically last for about 800 presses (depending on your pressing and washing methods).

Note: You will need ONE (1) Press Bag for your M100 and TWO (2) Press Bags for your M200 to operate fully.

In stock (can be backordered)