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Cold Press Juicers

Large Cuff Style Press Board

Made for: M100* | M200*

Perforated Wave Cuff Style Press Board

*R4 Models ONLY


Available on backorder

The Specifics

Full Description

As the newest version of our press boards, the cuff style allows for a grommet-less bag to be hung from the large tab at the top of the board. These boards also help direct shredded produce into the bag with their elevated design.

Made with HDPE, our press boards are used on the interior of the platens and designed to reduce pressure during pressing. They are also made with a perforated wave design to channel the juice away from the product in the press bags and into the juice collection pan.

Our large cuffed press board used on larger freestanding cold press juice machines: M100 and M200 *R4 Models ONLY.

These boards are hung by offset keyholes that align with pins on the platen faces. They are interchangeable and work on either platen.

NOTE: You will need TWO (2) boards for your M100 or FOUR (4) boards for your M200 to operate properly. *R4 Models ONLY

Available on backorder