Small Size Grommeted Press Bag – Fine

Made for: CM25 | M25 | Model 25

Small Grommeted Fine Press Bag For Juiced Rite Machines


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The Specifics

Full Description

Our small-sized fine weave press bag is used on our smaller CM25 and M25 machines.

Grommeted press bags hang from the pins on either side at the top of the moving and stationary platen. Easy to install and uninstall.

Fine press bags have a smaller weave that helps “pre-strain” your juice before entering the collection pan. A finer weave requires a little more finesse when operating your press and can clog if not used with care. We recommend following your press with a China Cap strainer before bottling if needed to reach your preferred juice clarity.

Made with a durable, machine washable fabric, these press bags typically last for about 600 presses (depending on your pressing and washing methods).

In stock (can be backordered)