Commercial + Industrial
Cold Press Juicers

Enough Power to Juice All Day...

... Enough Volume that you won't need to.

Ideal For
20-40 Gal. (75-150 L)
per Hour
Fits Thru The Door
Special Use
Nut Milk
Ginger + Turmeric

The M100 cold-press juicer is a commercial-quality, high-volume press that can juice a whopping 20 to 40 gallons per hourthat’s potentially more than 400 bottles to serve to your customers! It easily handles the volume needed by most store-front juice shops. A solo-owner can juice, bottle and pack till lunch, and still have all afternoon to run the rest of their business.

The M100 makes around 25% more than the M75 and four times more than the CM25. That’s why we recommend the M100 to startups who want to hit high production fast. The M100 means you can juice fast, then get on with the rest of your business.

Made from hygienic, easy-to-clean, stainless steel with thoughtful design for full wash-down and easy maintenance. Also the M100 is equipped with speed control for the shredder AND the press, so you have the maximum yield possible from every bit of produce. This model also comes with a 1-year warranty included, additional year available with the purchase  of On-site Setup and Training

Specs + Features of the
Cold Press Juice Machine


  • 20-40 Gal. (75-150 L) per Hour
  • 212-424 Bottles (12oz) per Hour
  • 214-428 Bottles (350ml) per Hour
Watermelon with a cut for a smile wearing sunglasses on a background made of alternating pink and white concentric circles
Pineapple with a cut for a smile wearing sunglasses on a background made of alternating yellow and white starburst pattern


  • 220V Single Phase Power

    (adaptable plug option)
  • 3HP Motor


  • Overall Dimensions:

    30in (77cm) W x 49in (125cm) L x 69in (176cm) H
  • Base Footprint:

    28in (71cm) W x 31in (79cm) L x 63in (160cm) H
  • Net Weight: 535lb (243kg)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
This Machine is About 9 Carrots Tall

The right machine has these benefits

Image of the chassis of a Juiced Rite M100 commercial cold press juicer


Automate maximum juice yield
with the press of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our current juicers are designed to handle fibrous produce such as ginger and turmeric. They are built with a 3 horsepower motor and larger shredder housing for the produce to move through. Combine this power with a (sharp!) 9″ pulping blade and your ginger production is basically unstoppable!

ONE! Having more than one operator for a machine just seems silly, don’t you think?

Not only can one person operate this machine, it also has a pre-programmed press cycle that allows other tasks to be completed simultaneously. BOOM! Productivity hacked!

Absolutely! It’s fun to watch the process, but we do remind all our customers that juicing is messy — and there’s really no way around it.

We offer shredder skirts for all our models, and this helps a lot in cutting down the mess. You can also create a “splash zone” that helps prevent the spatter that inevitably occurs.

But still, yes make juice in front of customers, it’s fun to watch!

Yes! We offer a limited one-year warranty for our US customers and a special warranty for our International clients.

Add a year to your warranty with the purchase of On-Site Set Up & Training with your new machine in US and Canada, a fabulous arrangement for those wanting to get started making juice on solid footing. Schedule a consult to learn more.

Yes! All our freestanding machines are built on frames with castors that allow you to wheel them around your space with ease.

We recommend a flat and roomy space for operating and having castors allows you to move your machine to a nearby storage location to open up your kitchen space when not in use.

The press zone is the space between two press boards on the fixed platen and moving platen. The hydraulics push the moving platen into the fixed platen to create the pressure that extracts the juice from the produce you have filled your bag with. Hence “pressing” the produce creates your precious juice in press zone.

There are lots of factors that can improve your juice yield. One of our top recommendations is to mix your produce when shredding and pressing.

 Making sure your juicer blades are sharp and your press bag is clean from debris will also make juice extraction easier, and therefore increase your yield. 

Most importantly, we recommend testing your recipes and “dialing in” your process to increase your productivity AND your yield! Not sure how to go about that? Purchase a Set Up & Training session with our in-house expert and start making more juice the right way from day 1 of owning your Juiced Rite machine.

Yes! On the control panel, there’s a handy dandy knob that you can adjust the speed with throughout the press cycle (it also controls the shredder speed- bonus!).

This helps with extra juicy produce, like pineapple, that needs a little variation to produce the best yield. We have tips on using speed control, but ultimately, we recommend you test it for yourself and take notes!

The ideal juicer for your business depends on your current production and future goals. A typical business with a storefront will usually benefit greatly from an M100 or M200 to meet their quotas and still have room to grow, but we encourage you to schedule a consult with us so we can present the best machine for your specific needs. 

You can also take this quiz to find out!

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