Shredder Blade – 7″ x 1/4″ Scallop

Made for: CM25 | M25 | Model 25 | PR25

1/4″ Scallop 7″ Diameter Shredder Blade for medium shreds of relatively firm produce

Performs well with carrots, beets, firm apples, and leafy greens




The Specifics

Full Description

Our 1/4″ Scallop 7″ Diameter Shredder Blade is used on CM25, M25, Model 25, and PR25 Machines.

The medium-sized scalloped shredder blade is made for the smallest of our machines. You can use this blade for relatively firm produce such as carrots, beets, and firmer apples, especially if juicing individually. Leafy greens also perform well with this blade.

Please note your model in the comments of your order so we can be sure to match the installation hole size for your blades.

NOTE: CM25 – M25 – PR25 machines ONLY use 7″ diameter blades

*We do NOT recommend shredding fibrous produce (like turmeric and ginger) on smaller machines!