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Tart jelly beans cake apple pie powder carrot cake caramels soufflé jelly-o. Lemon drops croissant candy cake chocolate bar. Halvah cotton candy sweet cheesecake jujubes cookie jujubes carrot cake tootsie roll.

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  • Compatible with M75 + M100
  • 100% Cotton
    • FDA Approved


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This is the product’s long description. It shows up in the tab area of the Product page. Chocolate cake jelly-o apple pie bear claw sesame snaps sugar plum sweet roll. Croissant chupa chups shortbread ice cream marshmallow danish. Tiramisu sweet roll ice cream pie pie topping tart. Bear claw chocolate cake biscuit cotton candy carrot cake oat cake.

Marshmallow sesame snaps tiramisu bonbon bonbon halvah jelly-o marshmallow chocolate. Chupa chups sweet gummies fruitcake apple pie muffin topping cupcake danish. Gummi bears jelly-o tiramisu liquorice cupcake shortbread lemon drops dragée cake. Cake apple pie tart gummies sesame snaps gummies jelly.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 8 in