A Red Splatter of Juice Resembling a Heart


It’s literally one of the messiest things you can do (second only to a toddler eating spaghetti).

Shredded Produce is Messy 

The shreds get everywhere (we do have a shredder skirt that can help with that!). Fruit bits all over. Sometimes even on your shoes!

Overfilled Bags are Messy 

If you overfill your press bag, the shredded produce can even shoot straight up to the ceiling! (We’ve seen a ceiling or two… not overfilling your bag can help with this)

Juice is Messy 

The juice gets all over the place, sticky and syrupy from all the sugars. It’s impossible to save every bit, there’ll be drops and puddles everywhere.

It’s a big ole super mess!

So, Yes – Making Cold Press Juice is Messy… 

And it’s oh so worth it.

Raw fresh juice… totally worth ALL the mess.

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